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Ever since the age of five Jeffrey Hunt has been fascinated with voice over. Seeing characters come to life and the joy they bring to so many motivated him to follow this crazy dream. This dream became a reality when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

He began his journey in Georgia with on camera acting, most notably the Jay Ellis produced "Hard Medicine."  Although he loved the time spent and camaraderie found on sets his true passion still was with voice acting. He took all he learned from on camera acting and started to transfer that behind the microphone. In addition, he sought to learn from accomplished voice talent such as Steve Blum, Della Cole, and Dino Andrande to better his own abilities.

In 2018 he found a home of like minded passionate voice actors and radio theater fanatics with the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, touring conventions around the Southeastern United States performing in front of thousands.

Now he utilizes what he has learned and applies it in his home studio, offering quick, passionate undertakings of even the silliest audio projects. He has played the roles of iconic characters, including (but not limited to) Tonto, Captain Nemo, Wilbur Whateley and even Sherlock Holmes. If you need a passionate voice actor who can deliver quality recordings in a timely manner, from a lighthearted teen to a gravelly grump, contact Jeff today and give your project the voice it needs.

Animation & Video Game

On Camera & Radio Theater 

Commercial  & Audio Books

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